If all the world’s a stage, why do I feel like Kelsey Grammer?

Ok, so I’ve finally decided to start my own blog.  This will mainly serve as an outlet for me to discuss the world of theatre, my passion and life’s pursuit.  I plan to post reviews of performances (and readings) I see as well as general critiques of the art itself.  And of course, from time to time I will take us Off-Topic.

(Uuuugggghhhhh… theatre.)

A bit about why I’m starting this blog:

I get it, y’all.  I’ve been attending theatre regularly for over 20 years, and I’ve come to the assertion that THEATRE PISSES ME THE F*@# OFF!  Sometimes I feel like someone who loves to brew beer, but wretches violently at the mere ingestion.  FAR too often I walk out of the theatre completely discouraged by its lack of rudimentary acumen.  Even more often I walk out completely unsatisfied by the lack of any real passion behind what we all agree is supposed to be a piece of art.  This is not to take anything away from the painful and arduous commitment that is necessary to put up a piece of theatre.  I know, as well as any, that theatre is a mistress that takes all you can give.

But, as they say on ESPN, “C’mon, man!”   We all choose to be this “slave” (as Shakespeare might term our relationship to our muse.)

We live in a society that is not without theatre.  We have plenty of it in all of its various forms: drama, dance, music, church, politics, etc (the list goes on when you’re a pluralist like me.)  Some of it is HUGELY successful, but the most readily identified form of theatre, Drama, has certainly seen better days in its long history.  I hope to, over the following posts, debate my many personal theories about theatre and its place in our lives and get to the core of why contemporary drama struggles as it does.

For those who know me, I have plenty of opinions.  It’s time to be brave and test them in this contemporary format.

Oh… and I also plan to include plenty of what I see that is beautiful in this amazing journey I am on.


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